Monday, 1 November 2010

a shoulder please?

i think i just need to cry right now

Sunday, 31 October 2010

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

i love this song the moment i heard it =) had forgotten about it till i heard it on the at a restaurant.. i didnt know which video of the song to put so, i decided to put up both of them up simply because i like the second one because of the set up of the place and the lighting hehehe.. enjoy =D

Saturday, 30 October 2010

stress makes me eat............. A LOT!!!!

sigh.. i'm feeling so stressed about my finals that nothing's going in when i study.. it's so frustrating because i feel like i cant retain the facts.. more of like my brain just shut down from "over-usage" from the past ten weeks of non-stop class tests =( ugh! i'm feeling so helpless..

Thursday, 21 October 2010


is my best friend when i'm studying. it is also the number 1 rule in most libraries, i believe. unfortunately, some people can just be so selfish. it may be fine for the libraries in HELP, or Taylor's or INTI or which ever pre-u institution you studied at.. but let me assure you, you are not welcomed in this library if all you are going to do is announce your popularity to everyone by being the "hip and happening" crowd. don't even bother! who's ever heard of a library serving that function? don't you start corrupting silence with your gossips and meaningless chatter. the library is a place of learning and studying. if you do not intend on doing so, get out!

i'm sorry for sounding harsh but some of us have goals in life which is to do well for our exams. and not only are you not helping, you're making it worse! grow up and learn to be courteous, think about others for once and BE SILENT in the library.. sheesh!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

i fixed some of my heels at the cobblers! yay!

hmm it's been sometime since i last blogged.. things have just been really busy these past few months.. i cant believe that i'm actually coming to the end of my third semester! time really flies. despite that i feel like i've experienced so much!

i've experienced the pains and joys of losing and winning volleyball matches.. and funnily enough though the disappointment of lost games was a very bitter pill to swallow, i found myself growing and learning more than i would have if we'd won all our games =) and i'm so happy that God blessed us with enough wins to secure 3rd place =D (we were 6th and last place last year) we were really the underdogs in this competition! and now i'm so pumped up to improve my skills and push our standing to 1st place next year!

i've earned a recurrent sprain in my right hand in the process though! hahahhaha

i thank God for being there for me at every class test. even more amazing is that He ensured i did not fail any one of my tests =D and He even gave me an A for one of my tests! this really just gives me more and more confidence in my ability in Christ. when i started off at IMU, i was getting B-s and Cs and i actually failed one of my final papers! now i'm getting B+s and occasional As. looking back, i'm able to see how God is just building me up from a the depressed state i was in, to becoming a stronger woman. and i plan on excelling in this course whether or not this is my forte or the fact that this isnt what i originally wanted to study. i just really want to enjoy my studies and achieve excellence in the process =)

ok i should really get back to my assignments. i just thought i'd drop an update of how i've been doing lately =)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

how come Disney didnt take on Rapunzel?

 hahhaha i've always wondered about that.. the only thing i remember is 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel.. Let down your hair.."

anyways i was thinking.. i really like my hair curled.. 
so curly?? or straight??
but mummy says wait till sem 3 is over.. that's like in 4 months -.-
guess i'll just have to use that time to grow out my hair longer

oh gosh, patho test is tomorrow and i'm blogging.. sigh cant seem to concentrate today.. ok back to the grind..

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

trying not to let myself wallow in self-pity

i just realise something.. it's so hard to get out of disappointment and hurt, but it's much easier to switch from a happy day/occasion into gloomy/sour day.. i dont want that to be true for me..

sigh, i feel like i may be trying too hard to keep my friends.. i have this fear that i lose my friends or i lose that closeness with them because of who i am.. or that i just dont have an attractive or rather good enough character or personality for them to see me as someone they would want to be close with.. i dont want keep thinking that i cant do anything about.. if it's character then i want to build it.. i'm not gonna let this get me down..

gonna keep smiling =)